Property Security & Law Enforcement

OSS Law Enforcement Advisors® are highly qualified crime prevention specialists and risk managers with extensive experience in designing and assessing loss control systems for a variety of management teams responsible for properties and the people that use them.

Some of our more notable property management support experiences include work for:

  • Barcardi Limited
  • Bexar County, Texas
  • City of Roseville, Michigan
  • Fort Allen, Puerto Rico
  • Fort Bend Independent School District
  • Haven for Hope
  • Howard Smith Company
  • Klein Independent School District
  • Pennzoil Corporation
  • Spring Independent School District
  • Vandenberg Air Force Base, 30th Space Wing
  • Victoria County, Texas
  • Walmart Corporation

Our support activities involve the protection of assets including persons, land, and buildings from unauthorized access, and accidental or intentional harm by assessing risk, and recommending proven, cost effective solutions.  We are an independent firm, and do not sell hardware.  As such, our recommendations are based solely on what we determine to be the vulnerabilities for your property or operation, and what it will take to mitigate the threat.

Risk support activities to management may include such critical elements as:

  • New construction design
  • Initial risk assessment
  • Security force performance criteria, such as to arm or not to arm, training, hours of services, etc.
  • Policies and procedures development
  • Security team post orders
  • Threat analysis & response
  • Crime and incident statistical analysis
  • Crime Prevention Through Environment Design [CPTED] Program
  • Security lighting design
  • Evaluation of existing security lighting and upgrades
  • Hardware evaluations, such as Closed Circuit Television [CCTV], access controls, etc.
  • Assessment of security breaches or incidents
  • Specialized training for management and security teams
  • Quality assurance program design

In addition to these direct management support services, OSS has more than 30-years’ experience in supporting litigation involving allegations of security breaches, foreseeability, and officer performance criteria.  This support may include expert consultation and testimony, evaluation of security programs, and technical forensic recovery of video or digital data.


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