OSS Expert Witness Services Initial Limited Case Review



OSS offers an initial, one-time, limited review of a litigation matter involving our numerous areas of expertise. This limited review focuses on a brief and select number of critical documents relating to the most critical facts of the case and is concluded by a consultation with the attorney to discuss our initial findings and how we may assist further; no written report or expert designation is included with this service.


Once your purchase is complete, you will be given access to download the OSS Client Information Request Form in PDF format. Fill out the data via the electronic PDF form and email the form to our Litigation Case Manager (email address will be at the bottom of the form). Once the completed form is received, the Litigation Case Manager will schedule a conference with you to discuss the basic facts of the case, your general theory, the necessary documents, and next steps regarding a signed agreement for services with OSS, delivery of documents, and a general timeline.

OSS Law Enforcement Advisors® is open weekdays from 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM CST [excluding U.S. Federal holidays].

PLEASE NOTE: This service does not include any review or consultation by specialized experts such as doctors, other medical personnel, or accident reconstructionists. Limited reviews are available for these types of specialized experts. Please Contact OSS for more information.