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OSS Law Enforcement Job Descriptions Workbook
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Job Descriptions Workbook

OSS Law Enforcement Advisors® have hundreds of users nationwide and over 40 job descriptions covering topics and positions such as: Job Analysis of Law Enforcement Tasks, General Duties & Position Requirements of Law Enforcement Officers, Essential Functions, Sheriff, Chief of Police, Chief Deputy, Lieutenant, Lockup or Jail Officer, Property Control, and more. [Listing of Job Descriptions & Policies]

Subject Matter Experts

OSS Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) developed the job descriptions within our workbooks. OSS SMEs are recognized in both federal and numerous state courts. Our SMEs are well versed in the latest evolving industry best practices and court decisions, and regularly teach law enforcement officers, jailers, risk managers and attorneys.

Microsoft Word Format

OSS’ Law Enforcement Job Descriptions Workbook is provided direct from our secure servers in one simple downloadable file. Each individual job description is in Microsoft Word, and formatted so there truly are no limitations to agency-specific modifications. Each job description workbook and individual job description may be edited, graphically enhanced, reserved for future use, added to, or even deleted.

Critical Broadcast Notifications

With over 2,000 clients, a unique source of OSS’ input comes through actual incidents, opinions, and perspectives shared by agency Chiefs of Police, Sheriffs, and cases OSS has been retained in as experts. OSS stays in constant contact with our clients and their employees regarding trending issues in law enforcement liability and risk management. Whether there is a new prevailing court case, a new OSS policy or job description developed, or an online OSS Academy® training opportunity, we will email you and your staff directly. Management and officer access is provided through confidential password protected portals.

Online Liability Training Support

Through OSS Academy®, we provide 200+ law enforcement and jail courses online. OSS Academy® courses are recognized by more Peace Officer Standards and Training boards and correctional associations than any other online training provider.

Expert Support

OSS Expert Witness Consultants are just a phone call away. We welcome opportunities to discuss policy, job description, or risk management related issues with our clients. Whether you have a job description development question or a risk management issue, OSS SMEs will provide On-Call Consulting at no additional charge.

Turnkey Job Descriptions

OSS Subject Matter Experts are available to develop turnkey job descriptions for your agency.

Litigation Support

OSS Expert Witness Consultants have been retained in 1,200+ liability-related cases. Should the need ever arise; we are available to provide your defense team with expert litigation support.

Primary Benefits of OSS Law Enforcement Job Descriptions Workbook:

  • Cost: OSS Law Enforcement Job Descriptions workbook is only $395.
  • Liability Reduction: No doubt, using OSS’ Job Description Workbook will reduce liability for both your agency and you individually. More importantly, your officers will be safer using current job descriptions.
  • Reduce Manpower Drain and Cost: Developing job descriptions for your agency is a daunting task that can cost much in dollars and labor! Not to mention that once developed, questions may remain regarding the constitutionality of the policies.
  • Critical Broadcast Notifications: Whether there is a new prevailing court case, a new OSS policy developed, or an online OSS Academy® training opportunity, we will send an email straight to your inbox.
  • Subject Matter Experts: OSS provides you with access to court recognized SMEs.

Primary Features of OSS Law Enforcement Job Descriptions Workbook:

  • Depth of Services: No law enforcement risk management firm in the United States can provide your agency with the depth of services offered by OSS Law Enforcement Advisors®.
  • Microsoft Word Format: Job description workbooks and individual job descriptions can be available within minutes of receiving your order. Each may be downloaded to your computer, edited, graphically enhanced, reserved for future use, added to, or even deleted.  You can merge and modify without being limited to Adobe formats, or Internet speeds.


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